Al-Qaeda Emir Calls For Overthrowing Al Saud

Saturday 11 February 2023 - 17:30

ISWNews Analysis Group – Khalid Saeed Batarfi, also known as Abu al-Miqdad al-Kindi who is a Saudi Arabian militant and the current emir of Al-Qaeda terrorist group in the Arabian Peninsula, has called on the people of the Saudi Kingdom to rise up against the Al Saud family in order to overthrow the regime.

A media company called “Shahid” affiliated to Al-Malham Institute, which is the media tool of the Al Qaeda terrorist group in the Arabian Peninsula, released an 18-minute documentary, in which the group started condemning the performances of the Saudi Arabian government in particular the acts committed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the recent years. The documentary attacked the performance Mohammed bin Salman on behalf of both current wring-leader of Al Qaeda Khalid Saeed Batarfi as well as former head of the terrorist group Qasim Rimi, who was murdered, and urged the Saudi people to initiate a revolution and the overthrow of the Al Saud family from power.

The archive documentary points out to the factors that prove apostasy of Al Saud rulers in particular Mohammed bin Salman on the basis of the viewpoint of the Al Qaeda terrorist group, providing its audience with remarkable statistics of the new period of Al Saud ruling in the form of motion graphics. In the documentary, Al Qaeda terrorist organization censures Mohammad bin Salman’s wish to turn the Land of Revelation into another Dubai, because the group considers the move as an act of blasphemy.

Some of Muhammad bin Salman’s actions, which in this film are considered the reason for his disbelief and apostasy, are:
1- War with Islam in the name of fighting extremism and terrorism with the help of secularists and hypocrites.
2- Helping the enemies of Islam in the East and West and giving up on the main issues of the Islamic world, including the Palestinian issue.
3- Supporting the policies of the Chinese government in Xinjiang province against Uyghur Muslims.
4- Supporting the Indian government against Indian Muslims.
5- Limitless help from western countries.
6- Ruling by other than what God Almighty has decreed.
7- Hidden secularism under the skin of Islam.
8- Setting the groundwork for compromise with Israel in the region.
9- Supporting Arab rulers with the help of the United Arab Emirates to suppress Islamic nations and movements.
10- Inciting war in the region and leaving thousands of Muslim victims (almost 9,000 civilians have been killed by Saudi Arabia’s bombings).
11- Eight years of failure and retreat and inability in the war in Yemen.
12- Struggle with the Islamic call by executing and imprisoning more than 5,000 scholars, preachers, Mujahideen and tribal reformist sheikhs.
13- Stopping Islamic rituals and symbols, including the call to prayer in mosques and…
14- Calling for an apparent Islam acceptable to the West in the name of moderation and creating a center for this purpose.
15- Suppressing people and suffocating protesting and demanding voices through imprisonment and trials behind closed doors.
16- Attempting to promote Westernization and to corrupt the society and to deprive the society of Saudi Arabia of its Islamic identity through: Westernizing education in schools and promoting Westernization through the media.
17- Spreading prostitution by holding music concerts and celebrating polytheistic holidays and film festivals.
18- Issuing regulations to corrupt women in the society.
19- Developing tourism and inviting corrupt people to visit Saudi Arabia
20- Allocating exorbitant expenses to support enemies and extravagance and games and imaginary plans.
21- Providing billion dollar support to America (citing Trump’s words).
22- High prices and impoverishment of Saudi society (one out of five people lives below the poverty line).
23- Saudi youth unemployment.
24- Destruction of people’s houses and mosques and expulsion of people from their villages and neighborhoods.

At the end of the film, the passionate words of Qasim al-Raymi, the slain leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and Khalid Batarfi, the current leader of this group, are presented against Al Saud.

Al Qaeda group in the Arabian Peninsula is a branch of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, which kicked off its serious actions in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen in 2009. Following the resignation of the then Yemini President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the presidency of his deputy Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, the terrorist group started wreaking havoc in a more organized style in Yemen and succeeded in taking full control of some areas in the war-torn country; however, the Ansar Allah movement’s success in taking control of the important cities of Sana’a, Saada and some other areas hindered the Al Qaeda group’s advances; so, the group could deploy its terrorists in some remote regions of Yemen, including the deserts in the east of Yemen as well as the north of Al Bayda Governorate and some other areas. The wring-leaders of the Al Qaeda group enjoy close relationship with different elements in the resigned government of Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

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