Latest Updates On Yemen, 25 March 2023 (Map)

Saturday 25 March 2023 - 19:54

ISWNews Analysis Group – As a result of the recent clashes between Amaliqah forces and Ansar Allah in the Harib front, in the south of Marib province, dozens of Amaliqah forces were killed and wounded.

1- Marib:
46 members of Amaliqah forces were killed and injured during the clashes between Amaliqah and Ansar Allah forces in Harib Front. No details have been published about the casualties and damages of Ansar Allah. This conflict started after the withdrawal of Amaliqah forces from some places in the outskirts of Harib town, including Jabal Yahmum, Jabal Jandalah, Maimanah, Arak, Sharq, al-Sih and Hirour and the deployment of Ansar Allah forces in these areas.
Currently, Ansar Allah has retreated from most of the areas and there have been sporadic clashes between the two sides. The media affiliated to the Saudi coalition claim that the Amaliqah forces are preparing for the recapture operation of the remaining points.

2- Shabwa:
On the 23rd of March, following the arrival of dozens of dead and wounded soldiers from Harib administration to Usaylan and Bayhan districts, the clinics of these cities requested immediate help and medical supplies from the resigned government of Yemen. Also, some of the casualties of Amaliqa forces have been sent to the city of Ataq and district of Markha al-Sufla.

3- Abyan:
On the 17th of March, pro-Saudi forces consisting of Islah party militants and al-Qaeda members were deployed in most of the western and eastern areas of Wadi Omran in the district of Mudhyah. This advance was made after the Southern Transitional Council’s militants withdrew from the important area of Wadi Omran due to failure to deal with al-Qaeda’s roadside bombs and ambushes.

4- Aden:
On March 21, as a result of an attack by unknown armed men on Aden airport, Abdul Samad al-Omari, the commander of the Hizam al-Amni airport security unit (affiliated to the Southern Transitional Council), was seriously wounded.

5- Hadhramaut:
On March 23, as a result of clashes between pro-Saudi and Marib tribesmen in front of the central hospital of Seiyun city, five militants from both sides were killed.

6- Socotra:
On March 19, some local sources reported the withdrawal of UAE forces from Abdul Kuri Island and handing it over to the Saudi military. According to these sources, this move was made following Saudi Arabia’s pressure on the UAE to limit the Southern Transitional Council.

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7- Hudaydah:
– The Saudi coalition forces violated the ceasefire 122 times in the last 48 hours in this province.
– In the last 48 hours, the Saudi coalition drones bombarded the Al-Jabaliya area twice and once the positions of Ansar Allah in the district of Hays.

8- According to local sources, quoted by the officials of the Salvation Government of Yemen, the agreement of the exchange of prisoners between the Salvation Government of Yemen and the Saudi coalition by making several flights from Sana’a to Aden and Riyadh and vice versa, will be implemented on the 20th of Ramadan (11th of April) under the supervision of the International Red Cross and the United Nations.

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