Exclusive: The Drone That Targeted US Base In Eastern Syria (Video)

Sunday 26 March 2023 - 20:29

On March 23, the newly established Iraqi group “Liwa Al-Ghalibun” targeted the US occupying forces in the Kharab al-Jir military base in the Rmeilan area of Syria with a suicide drone, during which, according to the US, an American contractor was killed; But news from sources close to the axis of resistance say something else!

The above picture is related to the drone that the “Liwa Al-Ghalibun Islamic Resistance” group used to attack the US base near the village of Kharab al-Jir. This image has been obtained by Islamic World News for publication.

After the drone attack on Kharab al-Ji base and the US retaliatory strikes on Deir Ezzor, a statement was released by CENTCOM announcing the death of a US contractor. However, informed sources told Islamic World News that three US servicemen were killed and eight others were wounded in this attack. The authenticity of these casualties becomes more believable considering the strong reaction of the US after the drone attack and heavy airstrikes on Deir Ezzor.

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It should be noted that this is not the first time that the US Army hides its casualties in the face of the axis of resistance or publishes unreal statistics in its statements.

After the painful drone attack by the Iraqi and Syrian resistance groups on the US occupation base in Syria, a wave of media propaganda by the MSM started against Iran. Ignoring the years of occupation, crimes and massacres of the people of West Asia by the US and its allies, these media point the finger at Iran and accuse Iran of participating in these attacks! These accusations are raised while confronting the US occupation is the natural and legal right of the occupied countries and the oppressed people of these countries, and the US cannot justify its illegal presence in Syria or other parts of West Asia by lying and accusing Iran.

Therefore, this attack was carried out by the will of the people of the region and by independent groups, and the use of Iranian weapons or similar weapons does not necessarily mean Iran’s participation in this attack or other attacks! Just as the US provides various weapons to its allies and their use does not mean direct participation of the US, Iran also provides specific weapons to its allies; And they also use it to defend themselves.

The launching moment of a drone that targeted US base in Syria’s Kharab al-Jir
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  1. Passingbye says:

    The US does not disclose losses of intel types and spooks, ie CIA operatives and Spec Ops.
    Need to look on memorial boards and such like to work out whom and from where was killed and approx when.
    This is likely why only the death of a Contractor was confirmed, the others are likely Spooks or Spec Ops.