Second Mohajer-6 Drone Downed By Friendly Fire! (Image)

Wednesday 7 June 2023 - 13:35

ISWNews Analysis Group – Russian Army’s air defense systems shot down an Iranian-made Mohajer-6 drone in the Crimean Peninsula on June 6.

At first, local sources in the Crimean peninsula said that the Russian air defense systems shot down an unknown drone in the eastern regions of Crimea on the evening of June 6. A little later, with the release of images of the wreckage of the targeted drone, it was revealed that this drone is of the Mohajar-6 type. Also, in another image, the wreckage of the drone can be seen burning, which rejects the idea that it fell due to a technical defect. Therefore, it is most likely that it was targeted by the Russian air defense and by mistake.

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This is the second Mohajer-6 drone to be shot down during the war in Ukraine. Previously, in 23 September 2022, a Mohajer-6 crashed in the Black Sea near the coast of Odesa, which confirmed the claim of selling Iranian UAVs to Russia.

Mohajer-6 is a medium-class multirole drone and Iran’s most successful export drone. So far, Iran exported this drone to countries like Iraq (Hashd al-Shaabi), Ethiopia, Venezuela and Russia.

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