Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units Obtain Iran-Made Mohajer-6 UAV (Video)

Thursday 15 June 2023 - 14:51

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Iraq-based resistance movement of the Popular Mobilization Units has released a video to showcase the flight of the export version of the Iranian “M6” drone in the Arab country.

On June 14, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units announced the participation of the “M6” UAV in one of their military exercises in a video footage.

It is said that the drone is the export version of the Iranian “Mohajer-6” drone, but transformations have been made to the Iran-made UAV by the specialized forces of the Popular Mobilization Units in the Arab country.

 In that video, which was released by the Popular Mobilization Units, the “Mohajer-6” drone precisely destroys two of its targets with the usage of two Qaem-5 bombs during a training mission.

Its high accuracy in the targeting mission and the easy guided performance of the drone are clearly visible in the released video. 

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Earlier in 2021, Mohajer-6 drone along with other Iranian military equipment such as the Toofan MRAP armored vehicle, Jeep Safir, Chamroosh drone and Ra’ad rocket launcher were displayed in a parade, which was held by the Popular Mobilization Units forces at the Abu Montazar Al-Mohammadi Camp (previously known as MKO terrorists’ Ashraf Camp) in Diyala province, Iraq. 

The Mohajer-6 Combat Surveillance Drone is a medium-class UAV, which has been built by the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The drone was officially unveiled in March 2017 during an inspection by the then President of Iran Hassan Rouhani of the exhibition of the achievements of the Ministry of Defense.

The Mohajer-6 drone can be considered as the most successful Iran-made exported drone. The UAV has been exported to Iraq (Popular Mobilization Units) and Ethiopia. 

It seems that the Popular Mobilization Units with the help of Iranian specialists have achieved the capacity and capability to control and employ drones, as well as make changes to the drones.

In recent years, the Popular Mobilization Units planned to strengthen their air force units, because Martyr Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes had emphasized the need for setting up an air force unit in the organization.

The video published by Hashd al-Shaabi about the use of Mohajer-6 drone
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