The Internal Conflict Of Tareq Saleh’s Forces In Al-Khokha Town

Tuesday 20 June 2023 - 07:54

ISWNews Analysis Group – As a result of intra-clashes between the forces loyal to Tareq Saleh and the gunmen of Abu Diab Al-Alkami, the commander of the support brigade of the joint forces (under the command of Tareq Saleh), at least several militia members were killed and wounded in the town of Al-Khokha, in the Hudaydah province.

This conflict started on June 18 due to the dismissal of Al-Alkami from the command of the support brigade of the joint forces by Tareq Saleh. Now, Al-Alakami is refusing to obey this order, and the armed men of the “Support Brigade”, who are mainly from Al-Sabiha tribes, supports him.

One day after this incident, on the morning of June 19, the Support Brigade announced its separation from Tareq Saleh’s forces and took control of parts of Al-Khokha town, the Communications Building and Mocha road.
Tareq Saleh has also issued an order to suppress these forces and his forces are being sent to Khokha. Also, the Al-Sabiha tribe has sent its armed men from the southern coast of Lahij province to help the Support Brigade in Al-Khokha, but due to the control of Tareq Saleh’s forces on the roads leading to Al-Khokha, it seems difficult and impossible for them to reach this town.

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