Al-Waziyah Tribes Declared Separation From Tareq Saleh

Tuesday 22 August 2023 - 13:34

Al-Waziyah tribes in Taiz province announced their separation from Tareq Saleh’s forces during a meeting with Abu Diab Al-Alkami.

During a meeting, the tribes of al-Waziyah district announced their separation from the Yemeni National Resistance headed by Tareq Saleh and declared their readiness to face his attacks.

This meeting was organized by the commander of the support brigade of the joint forces, Abu Diab Al-Alqami (under the command of Tareq Saleh), and more than 200 people from the sheikhs of the southwestern tribes of Yemen were present in this meeting. Tihamah forces have also organized rallies against Tareq Saleh and there is a possibility of their separation in the coming days.

Tareq Saleh’s advisor, Nabil al-Sufi, in response to the decision of al-Waziyah tribes, warned Al-Alakami and the tribal leaders and asked them to be rational and not make mistakes under the pressures.

Abu Diab Al-Alkami is one of the local commanders who oppose Tareq Saleh and is supported by the Al-Sabiha tribes, who do not have a good relationship with the UAE and their subordinate groups. In June, he clashed with Tareq Saleh’s forces in the city of Mocha and was freed from the siege through the mediation of local elders. Those around Tareq Saleh believe that his activity and the tribes of Al-Sabiha are under the pressure and incitement of Saudi Arabia against the UAE’s plans in the southwest of Yemen.

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