Yemen: Tareq Saleh Attacks Al-Waziyah District

Sunday 10 September 2023 - 11:06

The National Resistance Forces, under the orders of Tareq Saleh, began to attack the positions of their opponents in the district of Al-Waziyah in Taiz province.

According to local sources, Tareq Saleh forces have surrounded the western villages of Al-Waziyah and demanded the surrender of armed men loyal to Abu Dhiab Al-Alaqami and the sheikhs who support him.

Al-Wazaiyah tribes have asked for help from their allies in the al-Shamaitin district and from al-Sabiha tribes on the coast of Lahij province.

It is worth mentioning that following Al-Alaqami’s conflict with Tareq Saleh, Al-Waz’iya and Al-Sabiha tribes had declared their support for Al-Alaqami.

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