Al-Sabiha Tribes Declares Support For Al-Waziyah Tribes

Sunday 3 September 2023 - 16:45

Sheikh Abu Diab Al-Alakami, the commander of the support brigade of the National Resistance Forces, obtained support of several Al-Sabiha tribes in a possible battle with Tareq Saleh.

Al-Alakami contacted several sheikhs of the Al-Sabiha tribes and reportedly obtained the support of these tribes in a possible battle with the forces of Tareq Saleh.

Some local sources reported that Tareq Saleh forces are preparing to attack Al-Alakami positions in Al-Waziyah district in Taiz province.

After the clashes with Tareq Saleh in the port town of Mocha, Al-Alakami went to the Al-Waziyah and invited the tribes of this region to rebel against Tareq Saleh. This disobedience has been welcomed by the Al-Sabiha tribes, the largest tribe living in the southwest of Yemen and one of the other opponents of Tareq Saleh.

Al-Sabiha had previously managed to expel Tareq Saleh’s supporters from the areas near Bab Al-Mandab Strait, especially Dhubab town.

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Direction of clashes between the Al-Sabiha and Al-Wazaiyah tribes with the forces loyal to Tareq Saleh in the south of Taiz province – click to view in full size
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