Suspicious Explosion In Chemical Warehouse Of Israeli Army

Saturday 24 June 2023 - 16:39

Hebrew-language media outlets have reported a dreadful explosion in a chemical warehouse belonging to the Israeli regime’s army, which created a seven-meter deep hole in the affected area.

ISWNews Analysis Group – On July 22, a massive explosion rattled the city of Herzliya in northern areas of Tel Aviv.

After the huge blast, the Israeli police asked residents in that area to stay in their homes and close their windows to prevent toxic gas from entering their houses.

 It is mentioned that the explosion created a seven-meter deep hole. Hours later, regional sources reported that the large explosion in Herzliya Thursday night occurred in an old underground warehouse containing three tons of explosives.

The regime’s army banned any news about the explosion of the chemical warehouse. Some local sources also claimed that the internet was cut off for hours in areas near the explosion site.

The strange part of the story is the dissemination of information and the claim raised by some local social media users on a missile attack on that area, which seems to be an allegation that has not yet been proven with any evidence.

Regarding the event, two hypotheses are considerable:

1- Given the instructions of Israeli military and security institutes, it seems that the explosion definitely has had covert and different dimensions, and that the Israeli regime intends to hide the main reality by creating a fake scenario. Moreover, considering the continuation of the Israeli regime’s destructive actions in the region, there are some speculations about the retaliatory actions of regional sides in this respect.

2- According to Hebrew-language media reports, the massive explosion did not leave any human casualties. Given the fact and also the strange news of Iran’s missile attack on that area, it is likely that the Israeli regime has committed false flag attack in order to create an excuse for starting a new round of terrorist actions including sabotage, assassination, etc. in the Islamic Republic of Iran by resorting to playing the victim as well as media operations.

Images from the scene of the accident
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