Explosion At Israeli Military Facility In Northern Tel Aviv (Video)

Tuesday 15 August 2023 - 19:52

A huge explosion and a fire broke out at an Israeli military factory in the north of the city of Tel Aviv, which left three people injured.

Following the explosion at the former military industrial factory near the Ramat Hasharon city in northern areas of Tel Aviv, a widespread fire broke out in the area.

During the explosion that occurred early Tuesday morning on August 15, three people were injured and one of them is reported to be in critical condition.

Over the past two months, this is the fourth time that the Israeli military and government facilities have been hit by explosions or fires.

The video and images, which have been released of the incident scene, also show a heavy explosion lights up the night sky. This is possible that the latest explosion may be a chemical blast.

The suspicious occurrence of the explosion only 48 hours after the terrorist attack on Iran’s Shah Cheragh holy shrine has raised many questions. Despite the strictest restrictions, the Israeli security agencies have failed to detect and prevent industrial sabotage so far.

Video: the moment of the explosion and the light visible in the sky of Tel Aviv
Video: Fire and explosion near Elbit factory
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