Terrorist Attacks On Prophet Muhammad’s Birth Anniversary Procession In Pakistan

Friday 29 September 2023 - 20:46

A terrorist explosion at the ceremony of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday anniversary on Al-Falah Street in Mastung city of Balochistan province, Pakistan, martyred at least 52 people and injured more than 50 civilians.

The terrorist attack on the procession of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday anniversary in Balochistan province is an unprecedented incident, because the special ceremony has not been in contradiction to the ideology of any group in the past.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for this attack, but it is likely that the terrorist attack was carried out by elements of Baloch separatist groups or the ISIS terrorist group.

In another armed attack and suicide bombing at the Hangu Mosque in Peshawar city, 15 civilians were martyred and injured.

In another attack, two attackers stormed the Hangu Mosque and then a third assailant detonated himself among the worshipers. Two other attackers were also killed after clashes with mosque security forces.

This is the second terrorist attack on religious gatherings of people in various cities of Pakistan on Friday.

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), in a statement condemning the terrorist attacks on religious gatherings in Mastung and Peshawar cities, denied anu involvement of its militants and affiliates in these two terrorist attacks.

The TTP emphasized in this statement that attacking public places, including mosques and religious ceremonies, goes against the jihadist policies of the group.

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