6 People Killed In Takfiri Terrorists’ Raid On Pakistan’s Parachinar

Tuesday 11 July 2023 - 12:47

Recent attacks by Takfiri groups on Shia areas in the Pakistani town of Parachinar, the center of the Kurram Agency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, six people were killed and dozens more were wounded.

ISWNews Analysis Group: As a result of the escalation of land disputes between the Shia and Takfiri tribes of Boshahreh Bangash and Dander, the Takfiris besieged the Shia village of Peywar at midnight on July 9 and targeted the residents of the village with light and heavy weapons, which ended up in the martyrdom of one of the residents of the village and injury of several others.

Following the fatal incident, Shia militants also attacked Takfiri positions, where they killed and injured several Takfiri elements.

Because of the increase in armed clashes, Taliban militants also crossed from mountainous regions around the Tri-Mangal border crossing in Paktia province in eastern Afghanistan and raided Shia areas in support of Takfiri militants.

The Takfiri militants, due to unresolved land disputes and high casualties in their recent clashes with Shia forces, asked their elders to declare jihad (religious fight) against Shia people and seek help from the Taliban forces and Afghanistan.

At present, the armed clashes have temporarily subsided (until the end of Monday, July 10) as a result of mediation by the local tribal council (Jirga-e-Qaumi).

Nevertheless, there are serious concerns about the expansion of clashes between Shia and Takfiri forces as well as the resumption of crimes by Pakistani-Afghan Takfiri armed groups against Shia population in Parachinar, which is a small Pashtun town.

On the other hand, the arrival of Zainabiyoun Brigade to defend Shia tribes in Parachinar can also add fuel to the fire of armed conflicts and be a strong reason for declaring jihad and sending Takfiris from the region to the town.

Furthermore, the intervention of Pakistani-Afghan Takfiri militant groups in sectarian clashes in Kurram Agency would deal a devastating blow to Islamabad’s government and could be the opening of a sectarian confrontation in other parts of the country.

Direction of clashes between Takfiris and Shiites of Parachinar in Kurram Agency – click to view in full size
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