Ansar Allah’s Powerful Maneuver At Entrances Of Marib Governorate (Video)

Tuesday 11 July 2023 - 17:54

The Ansar Allah movement’s fighters and the Republic of Yemen Armed Forces, with the use of helicopters and various drones, held a military exercise under the title “Day of Guardianship” in the Sirwah district located in the west of Marib Governorate.

ISWNews Analysis Group: On Monday (July 10), the Ansar Allah movement and Yemeni armed forces held the unprecedented military maneuver on the outskirts of Marib city, which is one of the most important footholds of the Saudi-led coalition and the Saudi-backed resigned government of Yemen.

The military exercise was held in Sirwah district, and the images of the maneuver under the title “Day of Guardianship” were publicized.

Ansar Allah military drill in Sarwah in the west of Marib province

The Ansar Allah movement used artillery equipment, Rajoum Quadcopters and Mi-17 helicopters in the military exercise.

The Ansar Allah movement’s military maneuvers are in response to escalating tensions and threats from the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen, and they come following the suspension of peace negotiations with Saudi Arabia.

According to local sources in capital Sana’a, the Saudi authorities did not agree with Ansar Allah’s proposals to pay government employees’ salaries from Yemen’s oil and gas revenues; therefore, the movement’s leaders ordered a halt to talks with negotiators from Riyadh.

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