Military Knowledge: Antimatter Scopeswitch

Tuesday 25 July 2023 - 08:46

SCOPESWITCH is type of optic mount allowing your offhand to control the zoom without taking it off the handguard. This innovation is provided by the US private company Antimatter Industries and is available on 30 and 34 mm scopes.

The Antimatter’s SCOPESWITCH consists of four general components. The first part is a scope mount that is fixed on the picatinny rail and then a scope is installed on it. The next part is a throw ring, which is installed on the magnification ring and provides the possibility to change the zoom. The third part is a slider installed on the picatinny rail, which can be easily moved on the rail with fingers.

The slider is connected to the throw ring using a fine steel wire. By moving the slider by the shooter’s hand, which is also on the gun, without removing the hand, the scope provides the necessary magnification for the shooter to see the target.

Antimatter SCOPESWITCH components

Antimatter has used 4140 nitrided steel lugs for the SCOPESWITCH. 4140 steel is an alloy with very high hardness and strength against stress, fatigue and wear and has high impact resistance. Also, T6-7075 aluminum is used for three other components, i.e. scope mount, throw ring and the slider. T6-7075 aluminum is considered to be a very suitable alloy for use in aircraft parts or parts that are subject to wear due to its characteristics such as high strength against fatigue, tension, and the possibility of proper machining, good welding, and corrosion resistance in addition to its low weight.

A video of how SCOPESWITCH works

According to the above, it can be said that SCOPESWITCH is made of the best materials in the market. Currently, this tool is sold in the US market for $150.

One of the negative points of this tool is that if it is installed, almost all the space above the rail will be occupied and unused. Therefore, the creators of SCOPESWITCH have said that in order to solve this problem and free up the upper space of the rail, they will also make an electronic and wireless version in future.

SCOPESWITCH™ LT – 30mm — Antimatter Industrie
LPVOs Fast Zooming System Scope Switch 30mm Color Black (

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