Stable Iraq And The Struggle For Crimea As Interrelated Factors Symbolizing The Fall Of Zionism

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Saturday 29 July 2023 - 17:41

As soon as Muhammad Shia al-Sudani declared that political stability had finally returned to Iraq and the country was ready to embark on the path of economic development, there was talk of upcoming provocations against local Islamic Resistance Forces. Reports that the assassination of the leader of Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba has been planned in recent months should be linked to the Zionists’ intention to arrange a new provocation, the purpose of which is to cause chaos in the Middle East and thereby regain the status of a favorite in US foreign policy.

Three years ago, the Zionists did not succeed, the murder of Suleimani and Muhandis did not ignite a direct military conflict between Iran and the United States, the Democrats[1] and China[2] intervened, and now the terrorist Netanyahu is trying to repeat a similar terror tactic. The difference is that three years ago, the Zionists had the Neocon Trump at their disposal, which made it much easier to plan terrorist acts, but today the Biden administration runs everything in Washington, which consists entirely of the students of the late Brzezinski.

Brzezinski is a famous Polish–born American political scientist who has always opposed the rabid pro-Zionist foreign policy of the United States and proposed Europe and Northern Eurasia as the main vector of US policy. It is Brzezinski who owns the famous words – “if the Israelis fly to bomb Iran, then we will shoot down their planes.” The late strategist meant that during the American occupation of Iraq, under President Obama, the Zionists tried to carry out their wild provocations against the Islamic Republic, to which the Democrats were forced to respond sharply and Brzezinski’s words became the last warning to the Zionists. After that, their illusions about the American-Iranian war in the name of Zionist prosperity remained dreams. Today, terrorists led by Netanyahu are making more modest moves, instead of threats of aerial terror, Zionism, under the guise of Americans, is trying to carry out assassinations of Iran’s leading allies in Iraq in order to push Biden and Tehran.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has created a lot of problems for Zionism, firstly, the Biden administration initiated a “great turn” of US foreign policy, that is, an exit from the Middle East and the transfer of the main vector of its activities to northern Eurasia. Secondly, China’s activity, which is not limited to the construction of the Silk Road. China always takes a pro-Palestinian position, accordingly, the diligent diplomacy of the Middle Kingdom promises big problems for Zionism. Finally, thirdly, taking advantage of the opportunity (Washington’s preoccupation with Kiev’s support), the Iranians are strengthening their positions and expanding the influence of the Axis of Resistance, which is a disaster for the Zionists.

Therefore, Zionism will continue to use a variety of steps to realize its goals – to regain the favor of the Americans and then, using its allies in the White House, to organize a war between the United States and Iran. To achieve the first goal, Zionism does not abandon attempts to lobby for the second coming of Trump, and with regard to task number 2, the Zionists are trying to continue provoking Iran and its allies using a variety of moves and tricks. In addition to supporting Trumpism, Zionism involves Kissinger, who actively takes a pro-Putin position in the Russian-Ukrainian war, where the goal of the American Jewish political strategist is to end the conflict on the Kremlin’s terms, which will rid Zionism of a competitor in the face of Ukraine to receive American aid and political support. However, for its part, Washington has already determined that “it is here (Eastern Europe, Northern Eurasia) for a long time.” Biden told Zelensky about this and Lend-lease is talking about it.

We remember from history that the United States provided lend-lease to the Soviet Union as a diverse aid to fight Hitler, but few people know. that the key point in the agreement between Moscow and Washington was Crimea. The Rockefellers insisted that after the war Crimea should have become a Jewish republic, the billionaire’s family wanted to create a “Crimean California”. However, Stalin deceived the Americans, settled Crimea with Russians, and sent Jews to occupy Palestine. Today, the United States is again providing lend-lease, this time to Ukraine, where Crimea is the key point. The meaning of the agreement is still the same, Crimea should become a “new homeland for Jews”, the plan to create a “second California” should be implemented. It is not difficult to guess that yesterday’s “Israelis” will become the main population of the Jewish Crimea, which naturally worries the right-wing Zionists, who yesterday dreamed of a “greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.” That’s why the Zionists do not provide military assistance to Ukraine, hate Biden, are waging a cold war against Poland (the main European ally of the current administration in the United States) and are trying in every possible way to provoke the Axis of Resistance into a big war, thereby forcing the United States to distract from Ukraine in favor of the Zionist colony, having to stand up for its “protection” (comes into force a lot of memoranda and joint agreements).

Zionism has exhausted itself, even their analysts write about it, where they cite as arguments the inability of “radical cosmopolitans” to fulfill international agreements even before the West, not to mention their neighbors. We see that the essence of the predator, oppressor and enslaver a priori is unable to exist for a long time in a confrontation with the local islamic area and Iran’s successes are proof of this, the main enemy of the Zionists has long been not an outcast, but on the contrary – the Islamic Republic is progressing in the international arena and has become an important center of decision-making in the region. The refusal of the collective West to support the occupation of Palestine will only increase, while the influence of the Anglo-Saxon antagonists in the face of the Middle Kingdom and Iran will increase. Plus, the Zionists have not been able to adapt themselves to the green transition, which also puts an end to their continued existence in the form that they captured Palestine.

P.S. Another story involving the Mossad in Iraq is also designed to draw attention to Iran and the Biden administration. The “abduction” of the Mossad agent – Tsurkova in Iraq according to the plan of the terrorist Netanyahu should force Washington to put pressure on Iran, which will certainly cause a backlash.

[1] The Emir of Qatar has arrived to negotiate with Iran, he is a long-time creature of the US Democratic Party. The proof is the fact that it was Biden who made Qatar the main US ally in the Middle East outside of NATO. Earlier, the Obama administration tried to impose the role of Qatar as the leading political force of the “Islamic Awakening” in Arab countries at the turn of 2010-2012.”

[2] Beijing also actively assured Tehran that it was necessary to wait for time for a comprehensive response to the Americans, where diplomacy should be the key element, but by no means war. As a safety net and guarantees to Iran, a year after the murder of Suleimani and Muhandis, the Chinese initiated a strategic agreement between the countries for 25 years. By the word guarantees, I mean military and political assistance to him in the event of the implementation of the Zionist scenario in which the Neocons still decide on military measures against the Islamic Republic.

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