Senior ISIS Commander Detained In Iraqi Capital Baghdad

Saturday 29 July 2023 - 18:28

The Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS) announced in a statement on July 28 that Abu Harith Baghdad, one of the senior commanders of the terrorist group ISIS in Baghdad and also head of the the so-called Al-Qadisiyah section of the terrorist group ISIS, was arrested.

ISWNews Analysis Group: The statement also reads: Based on accurate intelligence documents, the Iraqi National Intelligence Service succeeded in arresting the wanted terrorist named Abu Harith Baghdad (nicknamed Muthanna Muhammad Jabbar Afrit), who was one of the leaders of the ISIS terrorist group.

According to the statement, the mentioned terrorist joined terrorist groups in 2005 and was active in Baghdad units. He was transferred to the mine planting and terror section in Baghdad in 2007; and then, he was relocated in Nineveh province in 2009 and joined the ISIS terrorist group as the commander of the so-called Qadisiyah section.

Abu Harith Baghdad attempted to enter the Iraqi capital with a fake name and identity after the defeat of the ISIS terrorist group in 2019 and he was finally arrested last Thursday as a result of a 10-hour ambush by Iraqi security forces; so, he was handed over to legal authorities.

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