Lebanon’s Hezbollah Unveils Tharallah Anti-Tank System (Video)

Saturday 12 August 2023 - 18:12

A Lebanese TV network has released a video of exercises of the anti-armor unit of the resistance movement Hezbollah in Lebanon, in which images of the Tharallah anti-tank system were displayed for the first time.  

The Lebanese satellite television broadcaster Al-Manar TV network released images of Hezbollah’s guided missile system codenamed Tharallah, which was unveiled during the Islamic Resistance Movement Hezbollah’s anti-armor unit exercises in the Arab country on August 11, 2023.

According to the announcement of the Al-Harbi media, affiliated with the Hezbollah resistance movement in Lebanon, some of the most important features of the anti-tank system are its anti-armor capability, being specialized for firing Kornet-M Russian anti-tank guided missile, consisting of two launchers, high accuracy and simultaneous destruction of targets, operational at night and day, easy to move, and high maneuverability.

Al-Harbi media also reported that Hezbollah forces have acquired the anti-tank system in 2015 and it was used in several battlefields with very good results.

The video published by Al-Harbi media from the Tharallah ATGM

The video, which has been released of the images of the Tharallah system, the anti-tank system is the same as Dehlavieh Dual Missile Launcher that was manufactured in Iran to counter Trophy system.

In the Tharallah system, two anti-armor missiles are fired at an interval of 0.4 seconds, which is considering the time of 1.75 seconds for Trophy system to counter the second missile, the second missile passes through Trophy Countermeasure after destroying the first missile and penetrates the targeted armor.

The Tharallah system is known as Pirouz in Iran and it possesses the capability of firing two or four Dehlavieh missiles and it has also been installed on various mobile platforms.

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