Military Knowledge: New Update On Geran-2 Drone?!

Wednesday 25 October 2023 - 12:18

Geran-2 (Russian: Герань) is a version of Shahed-136 suicide dorne, which was sold to Russia under a contract with the production line before the start of the Ukrainian war.

The loud noise of the engine of the Geran-2 drone, apart from creating psychological warfare and terror among the enemies, could alert the defense forces and make them able to identify its location, as well as the ground observer had the possibility to shoot at it with light or heavy weapons.

Despite the fact that due to the unique design of the fuselage of the Geran-2 drone, it is not possible to shoot it down with conventional weapons; although, the damages caused by bullets could affect its precision.

Recently, videos have been released showing that the Russians turn off the engine of the Geran-2 drone before it is hit in order to compensate for some of the noise problem.

As shown in the video, this move causes the drone to be seen somehow later. Although the noise problem still exists, turning off the engine before reaching the target somewhat gets in the way of the opponent’s action and ultimately the drone destroys its target without serious damage with high precision.

A video of the updated version of Geran-2
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