Transporting Canisters of Chlorine Gas to Village Bsanqol in Idlib Province by Militants

Monday 17 September 2018 - 07:21

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In accordance with western media campaign against Syria and to fabricate the scenery of chemical attack in Idlib province, Militants are distributing chemical materials to different places in Idlib.

In 15 September, the spokesperson of Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria said that canisters containing chlorine gas are transporting by terrorists of Tahrir al Sham.

Previously in the War Report dated 12 September we addressed it in “Syrian War Report – September 12, 2018: Militants Filming Staged Chemical Attack In Idlib“.


So far reports of fabricating the chemical attack scene in Jisr al Shoghur and Bsanqol regions have been released.


Considering recent activities of terrorists in Idlib province, it is obvious that the project of fabricating false chemical attack against Syrian government has been started and terrorists with help of European agents are trying to prevent operation in Idlib or get some advantages using this issue.



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