Yemen’s Army Published Videos And Images Of Missile And Drone Attacks On The Occupied Territories (Video)

Wednesday 1 November 2023 - 17:27

On November 1, the Yemeni armed forces released footage from the moment of firing ballistic and cruise missiles as well as suicide drones in their last four operations against Israeli positions in the occupied Palestine.

It was yesterday that Yahya Sari’, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, for the first time in a video statement took responsibility for the missile and drone attacks on the occupied territories.

Yemen’s Ansar Allah has so far attacked Israeli positions in the occupied Palestinian territories four times; But the Yemeni authorities had not officially adopted a position regarding the attacks until this statement.

Video of the moment Yemeni missiles and drones were fired at Israeli positions in occupied Palestine

Ansar Allah has used Zulfiqar ballistic missiles, Quds series cruise missiles and Samad 4 suicide drones in these attacks.

On November 1, the Yemeni Army used a ballistic missile to attack Israel. The ballistic missile used is very similar to the Yemeni Zulfiqar missile, which has a range of about 1,300 kilometers. It seems that the weight of the warhead has been reduced for this missile to reach Eilat port in the south of occupied territories.

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