Infographic: The Israeli Army Losses In Northern Front

Wednesday 1 November 2023 - 20:09

On October 31, Lebanon’s Hezbollah published the damage statistics of the Israeli army on the border areas of Lebanon in north of the occupied Palestine.

According to data provided by Hezbollah, the movement has managed to target 105 Israeli military sites and 140 cameras, 33 radars, 69 communication systems, 27 intelligence-espionage systems, 17 jamming systems and one drone. Also, two armored vehicles, two Humvees and nine Merkava tanks of different versions were destroyed or damaged.

Also, 120 Israeli servicemen were killed or wounded. Hezbollah’s attacks have caused the evacuation of 28 settlements and the evacuation of 65,000 settlers from the area.

The analysis of these actions shows that the focus of the attacks is on the radar sites, communication and listening towers, tanks and armored vehicles of Israel in order to paralyze the Israeli espionage systems and also target the enemy’s strengths.

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