TalAfar Operation 1st day results

Monday 21 August 2017 - 09:48

PMU, Iraqi forces liberated at least 7(to 10) villages from ISIS occupation

Early on Sunday following Commander-in-Chief‎ ‎ Haider al-Abadi ‘s announcement
Iraqi forces, Federal police, PMU with air-force support , have launched an offensive in several fronts to take back the city of Tal Afar , in west of Mosul .
After main advance in western and eastern fronts,the troops consist of army ,federal police and PMU liberated at least 7 villages.
By advances in western front and achieving goals road, there is not any strong barrier to stop forces for entering Tal Afar from the west side
In the east side that Hash al Sha`bi (PMU) are acting together with 16th corps , 3 village have been cleared and troops have came close to the mount of Zembar.
The main challenge in the eastern front is capturing Tuwaiym & Majarin.

in North axis where the Kurds are, likely we wont see any movements towards TalAfar.

Also 9 VBIED destroyed and 31 ISIS terrorists killed .

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