Latest Military Situation In Gaza Strip After 60 Days Of Fighting Between Palestinian Fighters, Israeli Forces (Map)

Wednesday 6 December 2023 - 06:52

Today (Dec 5), most of the ground clashes in northern Gaza were focused on the outskirts of the Jabalia refugee camp. Israeli military forces continue to pave the way for entering the camp from the right and left fronts. On the right front, clashes continue near the Kamal Adwan Hospital. Today, Israeli forces were able to make limited advances near Al-Harthani Al-Thanavia School on the south of Beit Lahia Street. On the left side of the camp, clashes continue in the vicinity of Al- Falouja Cemetery, and there has been no significant change in the field map.

Limited Israeli advance near al-Harthani school – click to view full size

No particular progress was observed on other northern axes of the Gaza Strip. It seems that the Israeli army has focused more on its ground operations in the middle and southern fronts of the Gaza Strip. Yesterday, there were some reports about the retreat of some Israeli tanks from a number of northern axes of Gaza. However, the accuracy of this claim cannot be verified independently, and there is no information about the alleged areas.
Confrontations continue in the Al-Burka, Umm Al-Nasr, and south of Deir Al-Balah districts in the middle axis of the Gaza Strip. After yesterday’s advances by the Israeli army in this axis, which led to the cutting off of Salah Al-Din Road in the middle of the Gaza Strip, there was no significant shift in these areas today. It seems that the Israeli army is using this area as an operational bridge-head for advancing towards the northern, southern, and eastern regions of the Gaza Strip. Today, the Israeli regime focused its operations more towards the south and Khan Yunis city in the southern Gaza Strip.

Today (Dec 5), Israeli regime’s tanks advanced towards the south on Salah Al-Din Road and reached the Bani Suheila area as well as the entrance to Khan Yunis city. According to the latest information, the Israeli regime’s forces and tanks penetrated into the vicinity of the Alam Square in the center of Bani Suheila. Also, the Dar Al-Salam Hospital is under a semi-blockade state. There have been confirmed reports of the presence of Israeli tanks near the Al-Awda bakery and Chicken Broast restaurant in the north and south of Alam Square in Bani Suheila. The presence of Israeli helicopters for close support of their military forces in the sky of Khan Yunis is also reported.

Israeli regime forces advancing towards Khan Yunis – click to view full size

Concerning the Israeli regime’s operations in the south of the Gaza Strip, it should be noted that Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli army Herzi Halevi officially announced the start of the third phase of the Israeli army’s ground operations in the south of the Gaza Strip in a press conference today, and stated that the aim of this operation is to besiege Khan Yunis city and to operate against key positions of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Today and yesterday (Dec 4-5), the Israeli regime’s army admitted the loss of 7 more of its soldiers during clashes in the Gaza Strip. With the death of these soldiers, according to official reports, the number of Israeli regime’s casualties increased to 80 since the beginning of the ground attack on the Gaza Strip over five weeks ago. Thus, according to information published by the Israeli army, the total number of military casualties of the regime from the beginning of the clashes until now has reached 408.

Interactive map of Gaza Strip

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