Latest Updates On The Gaza Strip; 97th Day Of Fighting

Friday 12 January 2024 - 01:52

Review of the latest military situation in the Gaza Strip after 97 days of fighting.

In the south of the Gaza Strip, during the last four days, Israeli forces increased the extent of their advances in the south and southwest of the city of Khan Yunis. In this axis, Israeli forces have reached Ghazan al-Najjar and clashes continue around this village. By advancing on this axis, the Israeli army plans to encircle the city of Khan Yunis from the south and cut off the roads leading to Rafah.
Clashes continue in the north of Khan Yunis. The Israeli forces have made advances in this direction in the last few days, but due to the urban context and the fierce resistance by the Palestinian fighters, the amount of advances is limited.

In the middle of the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces are advancing slowly but steadily. On the Nuseirat front, Israeli forces slightly advanced in west of al-Maghraqa. On the al-Bureij front, Israeli forces have almost surrounded the al-Bureij camp and the fall of al-Bureij seems certain. On the al-Maghazi front, Israeli forces have advanced in the north and south of al-Maghazi and have bypassed this camp and are advancing on Salah al-Din road and its surrounding areas. The Juhr al-Dik front has obviously come under the control of the Israeli army after the recent advances of the Israeli army around al-Bureij and Nuseirat.

In the north of the Gaza Strip, after the withdrawal of Israeli forces from inside the Gaza City to the outskirts of the city, there is no specific clashes in the north of the Gaza Strip. Only some sporadic clashes were reported in the outskirts of the city.

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Interactive map of the Gaza Strip

The latest military situation in the Gaza Strip – click to view in full size
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