Putin: Turkey Has Not Yet Implemented Agreements on Idlib

Saturday, 20 October 2018 - 07:16

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Agreements on the demilitarized zone in Idlib have not been implemented by Turkey as of yet, but Russia is grateful to its Turkish partners for the work they are doing, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday.

“No, they haven’t implemented [them] as of yet, but they are working on this,” Putin said when asked whether Turkey had met its part of engagements. “We see that they are working. Things are not that easy, on the contrary, everything is difficult,” the president said.


“But they are carrying out their obligations, and this demilitarized zone, which we agreed to set up, the 15 to 20-kilometer deep Idlib de-escalation zone, is being created,” the president added.


Not all militants have been withdrawn, the Russian leader said. “The Turkish partners are doing everything to comply with their commitments,” Putin said.



October 20 (October 20th) was designated as the last deadline for the militants to leave the “DMZ”, and now it’s time to see how the future of the Idlib region will take place.

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