Latest Map of Fronts in Syria until 22 October 2018; Everything You Need to Know About the Past 77 Days

Friday 26 October 2018 - 09:16

Read in this article; investigation of important changes in battlefield during the last 77 days

Latest HD map of fronts in Syria: Download

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Article and map of 77 days ago for comparison: Here

? The most important changes in the past 77 days are as follows :


Northwest of Syria

During the last two and half months there was no significant change in northwest map of Syria; nevertheless, the most noteworthy issue was Demilitarized Zone in the region.


As predicted, after clearing the southern regions of Syria (except region Al Safa) that is Daraa and Quneitra provinces, all the attention of Syrian Army and allies are toward northwest of Syria and Idlib province.
Therefore, preparation for the operation in Idlib against different terrorist groups started and more equipment and troops are brought to the region.
Considering Syrian government and allies several warnings regarding reclaiming the whole Syrian land and reaching the incipient of the operation, Turkey and its militia bustles increased in order to prevent their last base from destruction.


If Idlib operation would have started and rebellious groups were purged, Turkey would face numerous problems.
Turkey’s concern about Idlib Operation can be explained from three aspects:
With the start of the operation, a large number of refugees will come to Turkish borders and to keep the region secure, accommodate refugees and etc. needs a lot of money. Right now there are 3.5 million refugees in Turkey and it is not interested in increasing this number.
The second is about the security threats of militant groups in the region if defeated flee to Turkey and considering their connections and relationships with Turkey, they are a severe threat for Turkey.
The third issue is that if the militia are purged out of Idlib region, Turkey has lost all the money and effort it put into instability during these several years and no goal is achieved.


Thus Turkey is trying to decrease the costs as much as possible and it can be observed from Erdogan’s policies recently.


Finally on 17 September Erdogan and Putin met in Sochi, Russia, and reached an agreement with consent of Iran and Syria.


According to the agreement, a DMZ is set with depth of 15-20 km between Syrian Army and militants in northwest of Syria and they are supposed to retreat from the DMZ and only Russian and Turkish troops to be there.
Two deadlines were set as 10 and 20 October for the implementation of DMZ.


So far (until 22 October) according to Turkey, Turkish supported groups such as Jabhat al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir(National Front for Liberation), have implemented the contents of the agreement within the deadline but since other extremist groups such as Tahrir al Sham, Hurras al Din,..etc did not comply with it thus Turkey requested to extend the deadline and Syria and allies agreed.
Turkey is negotiating with different militia groups in northwest of Syria.


South of Syria
Syrian Army operation in region Al Safa between Suweida and Rif Damascus provinces against ISIS cells started in the middle of Summer but due to some problems such as terrain of the region and ISIS operation near Suweida resulted in 29 women and children as hostages from village Shabaki, the purging is delayed.
Right now most of the region is reclaimed from ISIS and terrorists retreated to volcanic region of Al Safa.
ISIS terrorists recently executed a hostage that resulted in resume of negotiations to free the hostages. Therefore six of hostages have been released and negotiations to rescue the rest is continuing.
According to some sources after the final agreement, terrorists are supposed to move to Homs deserts from Al Safa region.


East of Syria
(East of Euphrates)
According to the statement by US Coalition, from 11 September the last step of SDF operation “Island Storm” with artillery and aerial support of US Coalition to purge ISIS terrorists from Hajin region started.
During the last several months, SDF focus was on southeast of Hasakah and border regions and Hajin operation faced several delays; however SDF have claimed to be operating in Hajin region several times, but no effective operation really took place.
40 days of operation start has passed and except reclaiming the village Baghuz Foqani, no significant advance happened by SDF and US alliance.
Hajin village is still under aerial attack of US alliance and no advance has reported. On the other hand, engagements in Baghuz region are continuing and lands are getting around between hostile sides.


(West of Euphrates)
Syrian Army and National Defense Forces could advance in deserts of Homs and Deir Ezzur province and according to latest news of Rashwaniya region, it is clear of ISIS terrorists.
Advances are halted in this region.

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