Latest Updates on Palestine 13 November 2018

Tuesday 13 November 2018 - 22:48

A Summary of Engagements from Last Night So Far(18:00 Tuesday) + Photos


– From yesterday evening until now(18:00 Tuesday) due to fire exchange between Moghawemat and Zionist regime 6 Palestinians are martyred and Zionists casualties are 5.

– More than 60 injured on Israel side but no accurate news from Palestinians.


Rockets and Attacks:

– From last night until now(18:00 Tuesday) more than 400 rockets are fired from Gaza to Zionist towns.

– Israel Army claims to intercept 100 missiles using Iron Dome.

– Israel Army reports to hit 150 military targets in all Gaza.
– Ashkelon in north of Gaza strip was attacked widely by Moghawemat rockets. Ashkelon is the biggest Zionist inhabitant area being attacked by Moghawemat.
– Moghawemat claims that if Israel assaulting Gaza continues, Ashdod and Ber Sheva cities will be targeted by Moghawemat rockets too.
– Yesterday Moghawemat forces released a video showing a bus transporting Zionist soldiers to be hit by a Kornet anti-tank missile.

Israel did not give away number of casualties in this attack but it seems some soldiers were killed.
– Last night the “Al Aqsa Satellite Network” building in west of Gaza was hit seven times by Israeli fighters and is completely ruined.
– Last night “Rahmat Apartment Complex” was targeted four times by Israeli fighters and is ruined completely.
– Yazaji Apartment Complex in the center of Gaza city was targeted nine times by Israeli fighters and is ruined completely.


Images of the moment targeting the “Al-Aqsa satellite network” building in western Gaza

Destruction in Gaza after the bombing of Israeli fighters

Images of the locations where the rockets landed in Occupied Territories

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