Satellite Images from Hajin Area and Heavy Presence of US Birds Over the Hajin

Friday, 7 December 2018 - 14:35

New satellite images of Hajin released showing different US attacking and surveillance airplanes flying over the region.

This image was taken on 13 November 2018, in which a MQ-9 Reaper UCAV, a Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) U-28A and two multipurpose C12 can be seen.

13 November 2018


This image was taken on 27 November 2018, in which seven MQ-9 Reaper and two MQ-2 UCAVs, one multipurpose C12, one strategic bomber B1 and two F-15 fighters are observable.

27 November 2018


It is noteworthy that this is not a collage of different images from different times, these airplanes were flying all at the same time.
Although flight of several US fighters and UCAVs over a military and operational region such as Hajin is not uncommon, but the information extracted from images have some points from military point of view, which is not the topic of this article…


Nevertheless US intelligence superiority over a small region such as Hajin with recent defeats of their supported ally SDF from ISIS in the region is odd and unreasonable, which pops up a lot of questions.


Is SDF defeat possible with such a intelligence and reconnaissance superiority?!


Is clearing small region of Hajin with so much delay a normal military issue?


Is US military activities in Syrian soil limited to only fighting terrorism?


Isn’t delay in reclaiming Hajin which resulted in casualties in SDF not a betray to ally?! Is SDF an ally or just a sacrificing foot soldier army for them?!


Is increasing in civilians casualties and destruction of non military places (such as Raqqah) due to high loads of airstrikes, which is increasing everyday, a humanitarian and acceptable act?!

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