US Proposed Resolution Condemning Palestine in General Assembly did not Receive Enough Votes

Friday 7 December 2018 - 14:49

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Yesterday US resolution condemning Hamas and other Palestinian Resistance groups was up to voting in UN general assembly which did not receive enough positive votes and rejected.

Proposing the resolution to UN by USA is while Israel has violated UN resolutions numerous times by attacking and putting pressure on Palestinian people, but every time Palestinian Resistance using lawful right is trying to answer the assaults, USA is proposing resolutions to condemn their lawful right of defense.


Nevertheless, this resolution with 87 positive, 57 negative and 33 neutral votes could not receive two third of the votes, which is the minimum for acceptance and therefore another defeat for USA and Israel in UN.


Regarding this rejection Sami Abu Zahri, a Resistance leader stated that this was a hard slap to US face and a confirmation of Resistance rights and support for Palestine.


Hamas movement in a statement appreciated all the states that support Palestinian lawful right of resistance by their negative votes.

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