Latest Military Situation in Hajin Pocket 1 February 2019; ISIS, to Be or Not to Be, That is the Question!

Saturday 2 February 2019 - 09:43

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In despite of SDF advances in east of Euphrates and unlike expectations, ISIS terrorists returned to Iraq’s borders again!

During the last week and after new wave if SDF attacks in east of Euphrates against ISIS in small remaining areas; it was expected by liberating Al Murashidah village and lands surrounding it, SDF military operation ends at least apparently, but did not happen.

Unlike expectations, today ISIS terrorists reclaimed Baghuz Foqani and Tahtani again! and Iraqi force to make them retreat from border region had to use artillery fire.


It is obvious that this issue has roots in Americans’ differences in decisions about US soldiers leaving Syria soil or no.
Îlham Ehmed, Executive Chief of Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) meeting with American senators and US Senate decisive vote against Trump’s decision on US soldiers leaving Syria, shows that Kurds are very concerned about the issue and big part of US. senators are against it and until this issue is not solved inside USA, SDF operation in east of Euphrates against ISIS will not finish, even if there is only one village or farm until it is over!


It is noteworthy that on Thursday decisive majority of Republican senators voted against Trump’s decision to leave Afghanistan and Syria and claimed ISIS activities in these two countries are threats to USA.
It can be interpreted as: although fighting terrorism is an old tacky excuse for USA to continue occupation in west of Asia, but it still works!


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