Latest Situation of ISIS in East of Euphrates, 16 February 2019; ISIS Surrenders

Sunday, 17 February 2019 - 08:48

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Eventually the remainder of ISIS terrorists in east of Euphrates after agreeing with US Coalition surrendered to SDF; the last areas are claimed by SDF.

On Friday, after an agreement was reached between the ISIS terrorists and the US Coalition, ISIS terrorists surrendered themselves, and the last remaining areas in eastern Euphrates were also controlled by SDF.


According to the agreement, ISIS members are evacuating the areas from the last night. It is said the ISIS terrorists under supervision of US Coalition will transfer to Anbar desert in Iraq or Al Tanaf desert which is under US control.


At the moment SDF or US Coalition media have not released the news of clearing up operation officially and it seems it will be announced officially that east of Euphrates is clear from ISIS terrorists after the evacuation process has completed from north of Baghuz.
But with Trump’s propaganda for sure…

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