Latest Updates on Libya, 6 April 2019; Battle of Tripoli Started

Saturday 6 April 2019 - 15:29

ISWNews Analysis Group: In despite of UN General Secretary efforts and different countries statements, Libya National Army operation to occupy the capital is continuing and engagements reached suburbs of the city.

Libya National Army(LNA) under leadership of General Haftar, after capturing Gharyan continued and occupied new places such as AL Hirah, Aziziyah, Ber Alam and Soq al Khamis, south of Tripoli.
The news of Qasr ibn Ghashir and Tripoli international airport occupation in west of the city are contradicting.

Also general Haftar controlling Tarhunah and reinforcement were sent from this area to south of Tripoli to help Libya National Army.


On the other hand, general Haftar could reclaim Al Watiyah Airbase from Government of National Accord(GNA) forces. After that Sabratah and Surman fell to General Haftar.
On the west of Tripoli, last night General Haftar forces captured “Gate 27” resulted in cutting Janzur and Zawiyah route.


In other frontlines, National Army captured Harawah, Wadi Harawah, Sultan and Wadi Hunaywah from eastern axis of Sirte(Ajdabiya-Sirte road) and attacked Jufrah airport from Wudan.


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