Headlines of the Most Important Evolutions of Iraq in the Last Month

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 - 07:17

Iraq, Iran, Syria agreed to build a Damascus-Tehran highway.

– Al Araby papers of London according to Iraqi officials reported that the agreement between Iraq, Iran and Syria is to build a highway between Tehran and Damascus going through Iraq.


– 20 MPs of Basrah Provincial Parliament demanded the province to be a self-governed state.


– Several million people gathering in al-Kazimayn in the anniversary of Imam Kazim Martyrdom.


– Muqtada Sadr presence with cane in Imam Ali holy shrine after several months.


– Nabih Berri, head of Lebanese Parliament, meeting with Ayatollah Sistani  during his visit to Iraq.


– Barham Salih, President of Iraq, opposing US stance about occupied Golan, stated Golan is part of Syria which is occupied.


– Free visa between Iran and Iraq.


– Saudi economical emissary visiting Iraq.


– Saudi King’s 1.5 billion dollars gift to build a sport complex in Iraq.


– A member of Saairun alliance: US pressuring the Iraqi Prime Minister and Parliament Head regarding ejecting US soldiers bill.


– Mosul Governor and two deputies dismissed due to cruise sank in the province.


– Iraq’s negative vote to anti-Iran human rights resolution in UN.


– Continuing tension among Kurdish parties to divide the power, 190 days after the local election.


– Clearing remainder of ISIS cells in Iraq.

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