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Friday 21 June 2019 - 16:27

Iraq in the Past Week; Summary of News

Ayatullah Sistani office statement regarding the fifth anniversary of fatwa of Hashad Sha’abi foundation and jihad against ISIS terrorist group: If Iraqis did not unite and political parties did not put their differences away and if friend countries’ helps did not help, we could not win over ISIS.

Wednesday 9 January 2019 - 08:23

Latest Updates on Iraq in a Week

– Commander of Diyala operation, Abdul Mohsen al Abbasi, stated that Iraqi fighters attacked eight important ISIS positions in Balkaneh area northeast of Diyala on Tuesday. The airstrikes happened after Hashad Sha’abi PMU stopped ISIS members to infiltrate to Tal Bardan near Sa’diyah area on Monday. Yesterday four important members of ISIS in Al Gharrah […]