Latest Updates on Tripoli Battle, 14 April 2019

Sunday 14 April 2019 - 19:39

ISWNews Analysis Group: Government of National Accord GNA forces recaptured Aziziyah and fourth brigade from Haftar forces.

In the recent days, fourth brigade and Aziziyah were captured several times by both sides. On the other hand, GNA is trying to put Libyan National Army LNA under pressure in Swani area to repel them from Swani city. Heavy engagements continue in this axis.
No significant changes in other frontlines.


Important point about south Tripoli battles in recent days, is increased activities of LNA’s and GNA’s fighter jets. In recent days, the arial activity of the parties has increased significantly, which can greatly affect the course of the battles in the south of Tripoli.
A LNA’s fighter also was shot down by GNA in Ayn Zara area.
GNA’s fighters attacked Watiyah airbase.


General Haftar entered Cairo, capital of Egypt, and met with El Sisi, Egyptian president. They discussed evolutions of Libya and Tripoli battles. It can be predicted that after this meeting, there will be more Egyptian logistic support for General Haftar.


Interacive map

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