Investigating Tankers Explosion in Fujairah Port, Emirates

Monday, 13 May 2019 - 08:58

On Sunday morning a series of tankers exploded in Fujairah port. Emirates official sources denied the news first and after some details of 7-10 damaged tankers (Amjad, Marzouqah, Al Miraj, Khamsa 10 and A.Michel) were revealed, they confirmed incident for 4 tankers and claimed no loss. Emirates government said to investigate the incident.

Sky News broadcasted a special program about it and contacted specialists from Washington and Manama to investigate the incident and drew some conclusions:
1. No drone or missile was observed in Emirates’ sky thus the operation was done by ground elements.
2. This was an attack by Iran or Houthis (AnsarAllah).
3. The method of the attack is similar to the methods used by Iran’s forces (for example Quds Corp).


Since no group or country took responsibility for it we can draw following conclusions:
1. Independence of the incident details, it is a clear message to Emirates; do not rely on your oil export harbors, specifically in the war time!
Oil customers in the world should know that in the war time and Iran’s limited export, they cannot procure their needs from Emirates or others and supporters of Iran’s enemies are not safe.
2. Independent of who did the attacks, fear to report it or talk about details or even deny the news, show how brittle is Emirates security and economy which heavily depend on foreigners and oil money. This might result in escape of investment from Emirates.
Fujairah pipeline brings 3/4 of the Emirates crude oil from Persian Gulf to Oman Sea detouring the Strait of Hormuz; is a huge oil reservoir.
3. The scope of war with Iran is not limited to US huge battleships units, strategic bombers in Qatar or Israeli F-35s. The scope can reach Fujairah, Jizan, Golan and many other locations in the region. In another words, one hit ten receive.
4. This incident shows that oil and economical war with Iran is not as easy as some tweets as Trump thinks. It shows even a simple incident is enough to disturb oil market of the world and influence the price, too.


We are waiting for more details as Emirates media said they are investigating more.

Image: The wreckage of UAE HSV-2 Swift, after it was attacked by C-802 missile near Bab-el-Mandeb in Yemen; 1 October 2016.

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