Ansar Allah’s Vast Advances in Al Azariq District, Dhale Province

Tuesday 21 May 19 - 22:02

ISWNews Analysis Group: AnsarAllah and Popular Committees forces liberated 13 news villages in west of Azariq district from Saudi Coalition occupation.

Villages such as Al Hadaf, Shob Hafasah, Shob Asibah, Suraysirah, Mofitah, Tabghin, Rabat, Qoz mountain, Shamr, Tursah and etc, have liberated by Ansar Allah.
According to Southern Yemeni source, more than 50 soldiers of the Coalition have been killed in AnsarAllah’s operation in Azariq district.
The operation in Azariq district is complement of advances in Qatabah axis to liberate Dhale town.
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