Heavy Clashes Between UAE-Backed Forces and Mansour Hadi’s Forces in Aden; Latest Updates

Wednesday, 7 August 2019 - 19:21

ISWNews Analysis Group: South Transition Council (close to Emirates) announced protest against Mansour Hadi’s resigned government and asked people to occupy the presidential palace in Aden.

– In this statement which was released after burial of Munir Yafei, a crowded protest formed and walked toward presidential palace and turned into shooting that 5 of Hizal Al Amni forces are killed and 17 wounded. 3 of Mansour Hadi’s troops were killed and 10 injured.
– It is said that Mansour Hadi’s forces have dispatched from Marib to Aden and the Coalition’s fighters are flying over Aden.
– The situation of Aden after Ansar Allah’s missile attack to Al Jala base became chaotic.
– Mansour Hadi’s forces with help of Saudi could repel coup of Southerners (supported by Emirates).
– At the moment Mansour Hadi’s forces have arrested Saleh Moein, a commander of Southerners, and have control over most of the roads to Aden and presidential palace.
– Commander of the (Saudi) Coalition demanded arrest of Hani Bin Brek, the leader of the coup and a commander of Southerners.
– Emirates FM considered the situation in Aden worrying and invited both sides to peace and negotiation.

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