Map: North of Hama is Liberated Completely! Big Victory for Syrian Army

Friday 23 August 2019 - 16:29

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today morning Syrian Army could reclaim all the remaining areas of northwest of Hama from militants and terrorists fled either to Turkish observation post in Morek or surrendered to Syrian Army.

Important towns of Kafr Zita, Lataminah and Morek were the remaining important towns controlled by terrorists of Tahrir Al Sham and Jaish Al Izzah in the area, which were liberated by Syrian Army.
At the moment the situation of Turkish observation post in Morek is not clear and even though Turkey stated before that will not retreat from it under any circumstances but apparently this watch post will be moved to Heish area, that Turkey constructed a watch post there.
Considering liberation of north of Hama from terrorists, Turkish forces do not have any excuse or mission to stay in Morek. On the other hand, Erdogan, Turkish President, after this incident showed his severe concern and objection in a phone call with Putin, Russian President, and said that Syrian Army’s operation in Idlib is threatening Turkey’s security!
Anyhow, Kafr Zita-Lataminah-Morek triangle + Khan Sheikhun which was the main defence line of terrorists in south of Idlib province and was not touched form 2012 so far, is now freed in 2019 and now all the attentions are toward Maarat Al Numan, south of Idlib, the most important defense line in south of Idlib.
Clearing north of Hama is a great victory that its influences on Idlib’s battles will be realized soon.
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Video: How the Syrian Army liberated the Northern Hama countryside from the militants

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