What Did Israelis Target in Al Bukamal?

Friday, 13 September 2019 - 12:08

Information about a mysterious area near Al Bukamal which was bombed and is known as Imam Ali Base.

We will provide some information regarding this incident from very well-informed sources but for security reason other info can not be published for now:
1. Destroyed buildings were not fully operational yet and were finished up to 95%.
2. There was no warehouse application in it and no place for keeping missiles or other weapons. There was only infrastructure for border passage.
3. The construction of silos started a month ago and constructed fast was supposed to be operational by today.
4. There was no warehouse here and only dormitory for troops.
5. That is the reason no more explosion happened after the initial attack, nothing was here.
6. In addition to buildings 7 to 8 bulldozers and trucks were destroyed.
7. Indeed there is human factor in this attack! Officials know better what do we mean by that.
8. No proper defensive system is in the area, the main reason is the host’s fear.
9. Nevertheless, another source said the air defense system is supposed to be installed here soon. We hope so.
10. In this area every night US and Israeli drones fly mainly from US occupied areas in north and east of Syria. If there was a defense system, every night we could hunt drones.
11. The operation of this passage is very crucial for Iran, USA and Israel know this very well and that is why they do anything to prevent it.
12. It seems in despite of all of these hindrances we will see it open soon in a few weeks. However, if Israel does not attack it again.
13. Although some sources claim people were killed or injured, it seems no one was hurt.

Images: Satellite images of last night airstrikes at the Resistance base, Al-Bukamal area

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