Iran’s Chief Of Staff: “We Are Helping Yemeni Army”

Tuesday, 1 October 2019 - 09:08

ISWNews Analysis Group: Major General Mohammad Bagheri the Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of Iran confirmed that Iran helping Yemeni Army to fight against the foreign aggressions.

Major General Bagheri in an interview with China’s Phoenix TV network about Iran’s assistance to the Resistance countries, in Iraq and Syria said: “we went to them at the request of the official governments of those countries, and provided them with intelligence, weapons and equipment assistance and the IRGC was responsible for this task and of course the Islamic Republic’s Army also helped the IRGC on this; but things were a little different in Yemen.”

Major General Bagheri added: “We are providing intelligence and counselling support to the Yemeni People’s Army, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are responsible for this, and we will stand with the Yemeni people until the end of this aggression.”

He denied claims of sending Iranian missiles to Yemen and said that Yemen is completely besieged and all roads are closed and there is not even a possibility to send medicines for a long time. How about when you can’t even send a medicine to them, can multi-meter missiles be sent to Yemen ?!

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