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Map: What Is Happening in East of Euphrates?
Middle East, News, Opinion, Syria 14 October 2019

The incidents are happening in the advantage of Syrian army. From last night so far, Syrian army could present in Manbij completely.
Strategic town of Tabqah was the next stop that the army entered. US had airbase of Tabqah for a long time and Americans leaving it was important.

As it was mentioned last night, Syrian army entering east of Euphrates is incipient of reclaiming all the towns of this area. In the same sense Syrian army entered Ayn Issa and Tal Tamar and important towns Hasakah and Qamishli were handed in to the army.

USA also claimed to pull out its 1000 soldiers from east of Euphrates and only 300 soldiers remain in Tanaf area.

This important incident will reach Deir Ezzor, if continues. USA evacuating east of Euphrates or Deir Ezzor takes time but upon completion, oil wells of Deir Ezzor can be cleared and reused to help with Syria’s fuel crisis and even by exporting oil have a better income.

Another point is to control the border with Iraq that is a strategic point for both Iraq and Syria. However, USA is still present in Anbar province of Iraq.

But investigating the incidents in the region have different influences on each player.
Syrian government is the main winner and Russia and Iran are next. Turkey however has some real and propaganda goals.
It is not unlikely that a stripe will remain in Turkey’s control from Tal Abiad to Ras al-Ayn; to fulfill Turkish nationalists propaganda and the project of settling Syrian refugees there, however with EU money that is blackmailed by Erdogan and he will not let them flood the EU.

USA chose another way which should have occurred soon or late. At first look it is a big lost for USA to lose its foothold in Syria and the region, where it was important to limit Iran and Resistance presence.
But at a deeper layer we see that USA has priorities. The maximum pressure against Iran’s economy and security had failed; shooting down US drone, attacking Aramco, failure in Yemen and Iran leaving economic crisis are enough signs for USA to change its strategy against Iran.

UAE and Saudi inclining toward Iran is another sign of decaying of this policy. Thus US priorities are changing, too. Saving east of Euphrates was of course possible but had costs including severe confrontation with Turks. Then it is not reasonable to pay these costs.

But Israel is the main loser in between. Cutting Israel’s hand from Syria via east of Euphrates, sovereignty of Syria and Iran over the whole Syria’s land and removing Israel’s main ally, i.e., USA from Israel’s neighbor are consequences against Israel’s interests.


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