Investigating Sadr’s New Statement Regarding 25 October Protests

Sunday 20 October 2019 - 12:28

Every part of it smells like a coup against the political and democratic process of Iraq, a process Sadr benefited of and helped it made in recent years.

Future evolutions of Iraq are getting worsened and finally Shia community lose the most.
We will discuss later how corruption keyword is abused to overthrow the rivals.

Considering the current social and political structure of Iraq, it is unlikely to see real corruption fighting, stability and development. An obvious example is the vast corruption in Sadr movement.

Resignation of Dr. Alaa Abdessaheb al-Alwan, former Iraqi Minister of Health due to Sadr’s pressure to sign heavy vaccination contract and proposing Dr. Jaafar al-Alawi for the position by Saerun Members of Parliament while Sadr is silent about it, is a recent example.

Sadr, unlike Barham Salih and Qais Khazali who demand reform the current structure, cleverly abuses the tension caused by people to overthrow old rivals.

If Iraq’s political structure reforms two main strategies of Sadr movements are lost:
1. Sadr movement has higher hand in the parliament political structure will be lost if it changes.
2. Surfing on people’s protests.

P.S. 1 This coup like behavior is what we implied previously. That was why we rejected positive analyses of Sadr and Leader of Iran meeting.

P.S. 2 Corruption is the most important factor for all parties of Iraq, Shia, Sunni, Kurds, etc.
It is not about the legitimacy of corruption. If Sadr is honest, he should first follow up on corruption in Sadr’s movement and the case of Ministry of Health and report it to people and low income class.

P.S. 3 It is thoughtful that Hezbollah General Secretary is talking about PM Saad Hariri to be still in power, while he had feud with Hezbollah and emphasized that this problem has not been caused only by this government but Sadr is turning against the government he was main supporter of it and has important positions in it, without being responsive. This is middle east!

P.S. 4 Weeks before I was in a trip and could not write much about the evolutions. If I can, I will talk about the evolutions of Iraq before and in future.

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