Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey

Thursday, 24 October 2019 - 13:45

ISWNews Analysis Group: The US president has ordered the lifting of Turkish sanctions because of a ceasefire agreement in northeast Syria and a halt to Turkish attacks on the Kurds.

Donald Trump said he has instructed US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to lift sanctions imposed on Turkey due to attack on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

But Trump threatened Turkey once again if Turkey does something we are not happy about, sanctions may come back again.

One of the interesting things about the ceasefire agreement in northeast of Syria is that Donald Trump claims that the agreement between Russia and Turkey was a result of his work and the work of his team!
While prior to this agreement, the United States not only failed to reach an appropriate agreement between the Kurds and Turkey; rather left the Kurds practically alone by leaving northeast of Syria.

On the other hand, the Syrian Democratic Forces commander Mazloum Abdi also expressed gratitude for Trump’s tireless efforts to halt Turkey’s inhumane operations against the Kurdish people!

Mazloum Abdi thanks the United States while the US. left them alone and back stabbed the Kurds and prepared the ground for the Turkish invasion to eastern Euphrates. Of course, Abdi’s words may not come as a surprise; because an organization(SDF) which founded by the United States and commanders elected under US supervision should also speak about their bosses like this.

But apart from these issues, such remarks show how some of the incompetent officials have taken the decision-making of the Kurds and put the fate of the Syrian Kurds in such a game of politics and power.

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