Latest Updates on Syria, 2 November 2019

Saturday, 2 November 2019 - 22:29

Latest news from Syria’s frontlines

1. Lattakia:
– Engagement between militia and Syrian army in Akrad mountain. Pro-militant media claim to kill 20 army soldiers and occupying some villages and heights in south of Kabani.
– Militants retreated from all of the positions after Syrian army artillery attack.

2. Idlib:
– Russian fighters bombed towns Kafr Sijnah, Jabala, Maar Hurmah, Kinda, Barah and Yunesiyah and Sheikh Mustafa.
– Aljazira reported of four death due to airstrike to Jibala.

3. Yesterday Russian and Turkish forces started their first joint patrol in north of Syria.

4. Aleppo:
Three Turkish-led forces were killed in Ghundurah-Jarabulus road, east of Aleppo.

5. Raqqah:
Due to explosion of a car in Tal Abiad town 14 persons were killed and tens injured. No group has claimed the responsibility. It is said the explosion was aimed at Turkey’s militia.

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