Yemen news, 4th December 2017; Bitter end of Saleh and updates on Yemen fronts.

Tuesday 5 December 17 - 20:21

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports that after Saleh’s death fighters of Saudi alliance are bombing Sana’a heavily. Yemen ministry of State also declared the end of riots and fights by death of militia’s leader, Ali Abdullah Saleh. However, there are fights going in different parts of Yemen …

After death of Ali Abdullah Saleh and his companions and defeat of militia in different parts of Yemen, Abdul Malik Al Houthi, the leader of AnsarAllah in a TV talk said:

“Today is an exceptional and big day. The day of failure of conspiracy and a black day for enemies. Our nation ended this conspiracy by trust in God. The main reason for failure of this conspiracy was the faith of our nation. The goal of it was to weaken the resistance of nation and surprised everyone.

We appreciate the security and governmental organization in their effort to end betraying militia conspiracy. We also praise responsible and graceful stands of brave people in General People’s Congress Party in this issue.

A few months ago, in the summation of Yemeni wise men, I invited everyone to confront the intrigue, but when Saleh helped enemy by his stands, we asked him to come back from them but he considered it a weakness. His and his militia’s movements were in accordance with enemy in a way that Saudi alliance’s bombings where coincidence with militia’s attacks to close the siege. Aggressive alliance relied on this intrigue to spread in whole Yemen, but this conspiracy was ended in three days. We had information about Saleh’s collaboration with enemy and their military plans before this intrigue. A nation who annihilate an international intrigue in three days, can withstand the alliance’s attacks and intrigues forever.

Enemy is angry for this failure and we tell Saudi, USA and other attacking governments to die from your anger.

Yemen has still republic government and we do not let anyone to change it or avenge.

Firing missile to Abu Dhabi facilities has an important message to alliance. Those who want to invest in UAE and Saudi Arabia can invest in countries like Oman or Kuwait and as long as these countries (UAE and Saudi) are fighting against Yemen are not suitable for investment.”


About Saleh’s companions and sons, Yasser Al Awazi (one of Al Moatamer party leader) is killed and Aref Zoka is heavily injured. Also from Saleh’s sons, Madeen and Khaled are captured and Salah is killed and Tareq’s situation is unknown and might have fled to Saudi Arabia.


Latest news about fronts in Yemen

Sana’a: Iran and Algiers streets and Al Sabeen district are cleaned from Saleh militia. But in some other parts such as Haddah district and Saudi alliance fighters are bombing Sana’a after Saleh death.

Al Mahwit nd Hajjah governates are entirely under control of Yemeni troops.

Also Saudi alliance attacks were defeated in these fronts: Sirwah (east of Sana’a), Taizz (south of Yemen) and Jizan (north of Yemen). But reduction in number of Yemeni troops in southern fronts such as Taizz and Ibb governates in order to help safety of capital will make some problems for them. Nevertheless Saudi alliance try to intrigue militia led by Saleh to rebel against Yemeni troops and people and Hadi (resigned president of Yemen) in his statement against Yemeni people and troops invited militia to rebel and join Saudi alliance.

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