Latest Updates on Syria, 1 December 2019

Monday, 2 December 2019 - 15:30

Latest news from Syria’s fronts

1. Hasakah:
– According to some Syrian sources, to monitor the northern areas, Syrian army took control of al-Aliyah and Susah Gharbia on Hasakah-Aleppo.
– Terrorist explosion in Ghuwayran area. The main suspect is ISIS.(Image)

2. Idlib:
– Syrian Army and Tahir al Sham engagement in Ajaz village. Some sources reported of reclaiming Ajaz.
– Tahrir al Sham claimed to destroy four of Syrian army reserved vehicles by artillery in Abu Omar axis, east of Idlib.
– Ansar al-Tuhid group reported of repelling Syrian army attack in Rasm al-Ward axis, southeast of Idlib.

3. Hama:
Explosion due to intercepting militia rocket attack to Hama airport. Some sources said an unknown drone was shot down by the army.

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