Map: Latest Military Situation in Libya, 5 December 2019
Africa, Libya, Map, News 06 December 2019

1. South of Tripoli:
No flight zone over Tripoli imposed by LNA shows that Gen. Haftar has a step by step plan to conquer the capital. At the moment GNA forces are resisting hard in the south of Tripoli and made it difficult for LNA to advance.
Latest updates show that LNA attacked west of Qasr ibn Ghashir and Yarmuk base and LNA media claim to occupy Tuwayshah and Hamzah base.
The goal of the attack is to control the road to the airport and cut the roads to Aziziyah, Gharyan and suburb of Zintan.

2. Sabha:
In the last week GNA and LNA had battle over al-Feel oil field. GNA first controlled al-Feel oil field but then LNA attacked from ground and air and reportedly they reclaim it.

In general, Gen. Haftar under support of foreign countries specially Saudi coalition is trying to break the sanctions of UN, conquer the capital and make himself eligible and popular, on the other hand, GNA supporters such as Qatar and Turkey cannot tolerate yet another defeat like in Sudan in north of Africa.
After fall of Muammar al-Gaddafi and battle of Takfiri groups, Libya became the battleground for two main coalitions: coalition of Saudi Arabia and UAE and coalition of Turkey and Qatar.


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2 thoughts on "Map: Latest Military Situation in Libya, 5 December 2019"

jojo says:

There is some mistake in the map: LNA don’t controle the second border post with Tunisia, they only controle the military base south from Nalut.
However LNA controle the border post with Niger til last week. There had some campagne in the south and LNA enter all villages and cities of Murzuk region now.
Zenten and bani walid region are under controle of militia not LNA. Bani Walid’s milicians are pro-LNA, the others are neutral (and let pass everybody).
It seems that LNA succesfully take the Hamza base (and even more) and not the Salahadin front are the hotest of south suburds fronts (they are only 2km from Tripoli downtown), til now most war effort was for Ayn Zara front where a part of population seems to be pro-LNA.
Otherwithe the other principal front are Ghayran-aziza axis where LNA could now attack almost any cities on the road from east. This week we see them take Tuwayshah then get back when GNA conter attack and then try their luck further south in Hira and also get back when come the conter attack. They play with the GNA on this axis to get the adversary busy.
The other very important front is Garabuli and since two week LNA make a great progression. Now they are only 7-10km from the city and attack it from the west and the south. If they take it then the territorial continuity between Tripoli and Misrata is broke. Garabuli was one of the Haftar’s first target when he start is offensive.

Mirza says:

Tnx for your information