Yemen: Latest Updates on Jawf Battles

Wednesday 26 February 2020 - 16:05

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah and popular committees captured the heights overlooking Yatmah area from the Saudi-led coalition forces.

The attack was the Ansar Allah’s third attack on the heights overlooking al-Yatmah, resulted in clearing of the heights of Habash, Qashaan in the Salbah front in northern al-Jawf province.
Clashes in al-Jawf province continue on the axes of al-Hazm, al-Ghayl and al-Yatmah, and Ansar Allah has not carried out wide-scale operations to liberate the districts so far.
This can be related to the following reasons:
1. Continuing the tactic of inflicting heavy casualties to the Saudi coalition in the mentioned fronts.
2. Ansar Allah’s effort to unite the tribes of these areas to consolidate advances.
3. Lack of facilities to carry out military operations in al-Jawf province.

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